FoDLA Grove of the Bay ¼ Moon Ritual

Rev. Joel Schonbrunn


<Chime 3 times>

By our Will,

by our words,

 by our Work,

 this place is made

 whole and holy

repeat 3 times total


<FoDLA Hearth Prayer>

I kindle this flame

For the hearth

For the home

For the whole of the People

One flame for light

One flame for warmth

One flame to encircle us all

Earth under heaven

Heaven down to earth

This day and every day

May it be so


May I pray with a good fire

As the Ancestors have done in times before

I honor the Gods in the old ways

That my heart and my hearth

 may give cheer

To the light

To the warmth

To the circle of my fire

Be welcome

all true Powers

Hear my prayer

May I be strengthened I

n the way of study

May I be strengthened

 in the way of piety

May I be strengthened

 in the way of hospitality

This my will

These my words

So my work

By this my offering

May it be so




<peace offering/Quarters Call>

May there be Peace in the East,

 Land of my Fathers

May there be Peace in the South,

land of the FoDLA Mother Grove

May there be Peace in the West,

land of my Family

May there be Peace in the North,

Land of my future

May there be Peace in all the lands,

 now and in the times

yet to be discovered


The Waters support and surround us

The Land extends about us

The sky reaches out above us

At the Center burns a living Flame

May it be so




we call now upon all the bards of old.

I ask to receive your inspiration

to allow my words to flow

with the honeyed sweetness.

May the Fire of inspiration

burn within me!

And all of us gathered here!



May we pray with a good fire!

We honor Brigit and the sacred fires of tara

with this fire.

May your presence be felt

 by the warmth of the flames,

now and whenever we light anew

the sacred hearth flame.




<offering to the ancestors>

We call now to you

who have come before,

Ancestors of my tribe, my people, and of the tribes

that were in this place before us now.

Honored dead, and keepers of the feasthalls,

This offering is for you

For yours should be the first serving

As it has been in the past

So it will be now

<pour Cider on ground, leave cup>

<sprinkle cornmeal in fire>


we call now to the spirits of Earth,

creatures of land,

Creatures of the waters,

 creatures of the sky

 And to those of the faire folk

 who live with me here, to all of you.

We ask that you join your might with ours

for this rite.

Spirits be with us tonight.

Please enjoy the sweet smoke of this incense as an offering.

<light incense>


We call now to all the Shining ones,

Gods & Goddesses  not specifically named in this ritual

We ask that you join with us today

and give us your aid and

blessings in this working.

Shining ones be with us this night!

May you enjoy some of my offering, and may it fill your hunger .

<Offer bread etc in fire>



<FoDLA group offering>

Our voices may be new to your ears,

May their chorus ring true and bring joy to your kin

We pray that our song will grow strong and clear

As our grove continues to grow and strengthen

Today,  we are dedicating ourselves

to the ways of old,

and to a new way of honoring them,

through FODLA.

We ask for your guidance

and support in the journey

from those already on this wondrous path.



Hail, Hail

Hail to the Shining ones

Hail to the Bringers of the Light


Hail hail

Hail to the Shining ones

Hail to the Holders of Wisdom


Hail Hail

Hail to the Shining ones

Hail to the Keepers of Memory


Hail Hail

Hail to the Shining Ones

Hail to the tenders of fire


Hail Hail

Hail to the Shining Ones

Hail to the singers of love


The Portal is now open, if anyone has anything they wish to share, or communicate with those we have called.

<open offerings by the grove members>


Shining ones of Old,

Long have you waited

Waiting with the patience

born of wisdom

For your children

to remember you

And to come to you

with open hearts



that day is here!

Once more,

we pour libation

Once more,

the old songs rise

Once more,

the dance steps are traced

Once more,

your names are spoken

Never more

will the altars be unattended

Never again

the time of waiting

Your children look to you

once again

And pledge to you

their faith



Hail to you, Might ones of old

From ancient times till now

your splendor endures

We, your children,

call out to you again;

As in the childhood of our race

 we acknowledge our debts

Deities of light and deities of darkness

Both gods and goddesses:

we praise you

Not forgetting one,

not leaving any out,

We send our prayers to all of you

Listen to our words;

you will find them sweet

Your children pray to you here

<Offer herbs into fire>



I call once again to the Shining Ones.

I thank you for joining with us today.

Go if you must, but stay if you able.

<pour olive oil in the fire>


I call again to the spirits of

all that dwell in the Land,

the sea and the Sky.

This is your place,

Thanks to all for sharing it

 with us on this fine night.

<pour olive oil in the fire>


I call again to the Ancestors.

Thanks for sharing your guidance,

and knowledge of what has come before us.

 Go if you must, but stay with us if you are able.

<pour olive oil in the fire>


Chime 9 times


As I have given honor today to the old ways, so will I do again in the Future! Brothers and Sisters of the Fellowship, the rite is ended!