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Neo-Druidism Fellowship in San Francisco


About our Rituals...

While there is no strict format of a FoDLA ritual, they do tend to have many of the same elements time after time.

For the 1/4 Moon rituals, the focus of the rituals is on personal and group offerings.  These once a lunar month rituals are meant to fill in the time between the 8 more commonly celebrated Druid rituals.  We have some records that the Paleo-Druids of Ancient Ireland did actually gather on the 6th Night after the new moon, which roughly equates to the 1/4 moon.

When you look up and see a 1/4 moon, you are looking at what appears to be a moon that is half full.  I use the 1/4 moon as a visible metaphor for seeking balance between the light and dark in our lives.

In these rituals, we typically make offerings to the Ancestors, Nature Spirits, and the Shining Ones, our preferred term for the greater numinous entities most people think of with polytheistic pantheons.

Within the FoDLA tradition of Druidism, we try not to explicitly define the Gods or Shining Ones using any specific language.  We prefer to let each person develop relationships with the Shining Ones on their own terms.

Here is a collection of some of our Rituals and related materials

Quarter Moon Ritual


Spring Equinox


Autumn Equinox

Winter Solstice

Call for Peace
(Our version of what many traditions use for "calling the quarters")

A brief introduction to the various groups that you are likely to encounter in relation to Neo-Druidism, what I called "A Recipe for Druid Soup"

A great collection of "Reclaimed" Winter Solstice & Yule Carols

The Liturgy of our ritual "Honoring the Ancestors" at Pantheacon 2009.  Offered in partnership with "EarthLove: A Grove of FoDLA" from Phoenix, Arizona